Managed Services

If you’re looking for an IT solution or require support with systems, we can suggest a package to meet your needs. From server management to tech support, we will help keep your business running smoothly. We are experienced with a vast range of technologies, including:

Operating Systems:
Red Hat / Centos
Windows 2008 / Windows 2012

Applications and Platforms:help
Satellite / Spacewalk  – Patch ManagementPuppet – Automation
Splunk – LoggingUnison – Linux file synchronisation
DFS – Windows File synchronisation
Active Directory – Windows Policies, Security, Domain Management
Samba – Windows sharing on a linux machines
Amazon AWS – Amazon services
Rackspace – Hosting company, we are a partner.
VmWare / XenServer – Virtual Machine Hypervisor Software

Projects and Scripts

We can write a variety of services for you in multiple languages:

  • PHP
  • .NET
  • BASH
  • Powershell

Our services ensure your project runs efficiently. Depending on your requirements, we can work on your project directly, or will happily project-manage and outsource the tasks needed.

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